Saturday, 17 June 2017

Phalanx 2017 Wargame Show

Phalanx 2017.

It's that time again, one of my 'must visit' shows. A friendly medium sized show at St. Helens in the North West of England. 


Held in the large hall of a leisure centre, with an off-shoot room covering a very popular Bring 'n Buy, the show is efficiently run by the St. Helens Spartans Wargames Club.

The following is a general report of the show.

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Updating the Two Flags - One Nation rules

Two Flags - One Nation Rules update.

As I mentioned in an earlier post over on the Commanders website, I was not particularly happy as to whether the disorder rule was as integrated as it could be. To get closer to how I want to see things work, now, when either artillery or general fire cause casualties and the defender fails a Capability Test, in addition to the unit having to fall back one hex, it also goes disordered for 15 minutes.


The randomised Game Clock means that recovery from this disorder could take one or two turns to sort out.

While putting these changes into the rule book, I took the opportunity to add in some other minor points that had been given the 'red ink notes' to my working set. This includes some minor re-wording to help some of the rules. The download has now been been marked as version June 2017.

For those who have already printed out the rules, here are a list of changes, with page references so that individual pages can be printed off to replace old ones as necessary.

Page 5 - minor typo (not worth reprinting)

Page 6 - Improve wording on how things move when charging. 

Page 6 - (Errata) Units that fail their Capability Test on Rout Checks gain 1 (not 2) Heavy Casualty markers (as per properly stated on page 13).

Page 6 General Movement Phase - add - Brigade Commanders move after all other units have moved. I have also changed 'Commanders' notes on page 12 to reflect this.

Page 7 - Artillery Fire can cause targets that fall back to become disordered for 15 minutes (as discussed above). 

Page 8 - General Fire can cause targets that fall back to become disordered for 15 minutes (as discussed above).

Page 8. (Minor) Improve wording on how far infantry can move to contact (supports changes mentioned on page 6).

page 8. Improve wording and expand utility - When charging, Cavalry can move an additional hex than would normally be the case (max 3 hexes) providing the final hex does not contain difficult terrain.

Page 8 (Minor) slight re-wording of 1st sentence to ensure it is clear that a unit can only be fired upon or attacked once per phase.

Page 9 (important) paragraph 5 adds that units charged in the flank that pass a Capability Test that allows them to get off some defensive fire, will roll 1 fire die rather than the 4 dice if the target was in their front arc. The unit still maintains its facing with its flank exposed to the charge.

Page 11 - for units that remain in combat following the final resolution a charge to the flank, the defender can turn to face the attacker if they wish.

Page 17 - Summary section, reminder that a unit can only perform 1 action per turn, but that the  Retreat and Rout Phases are additional and compulsory.

Page 17 - Summary section, reminder that a unit can only be attacked once in any single phase.

Page 17 - Terms and References, reminder that flank and rear are inter-changeable terms when being attacked or threatened and the rules use the term 'flank' to cover both aspects.

Page 33 - Index page, this has been significantly updated and should be printed out.


Two Flags - One Nation Download. A DropBox link

Designer Notes - blogged article

COMMANDERS - my sister website, which is a bit more magazine based

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Perry TravelBattle painting and some thoughts

Painting the Perry TravelBattle and some game observations.

TravelBattle is a new game package from Perry Miniatures that is set in the napoleonic period, using 8mm plastic figures playing over a small battlefield that is embossed with a one inch square grid and simple rules are provided.


All the plastic parts are self coloured, so there is no need paint them, but for those that want to, this post is just intended to highlight my experiences with painting this product, plus a few comments on the rules.

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